Products That Sustain Society

The technological boom of the past two decades has led us into a feeling of hyper-connectedness with the outside world; yet, largely unacknowledged is the percentage of the world’s population who cannot be merely reached by the

simple click of a mouse. In an increasingly de-personalized world, House of Pennathur strives to reach these individuals and incorporate them into a larger global economy, to aid them and their families and truly sustain them by rekindling the passion for artisanal crafts in India.

Highly labor intensive these crafts are the life blood of the folks in India

For an example of the Gudri work featured at Nordstrom click here

2009 – Great! Somehow…

We have just come off of a fantastic holiday selling season. Sell through numbers from major retailers carrying our collection has been very encouraging. It was good news for us in an otherwise down economy. Our quality and design stood out in an otherwise ho-hum environment. Personalized products and value based pricing gave us an edge as well. Our best performers were our high end stores, which were out of many items well before Christmas!

2010 promises to be an even better year. Fresh ideas and new avenues will all help make this year fun and productive.