Sudha Sale Wrap-Up

The sale came to an end with a bang! Not only did we more than double our sales from the best year, which allowed us to double our donation to the 2 organizations, I got a note from Bill Edwards and Amei Wallach that Hilary Clinton was on the front page of the New York Times and was wearing my silk embroidered jacket while talking to the troops in Afghanistan. I was thrilled.

Many of my WPO friends came to the sale and made a huge difference in the sales numbers. Believing in sustainable causes, they saw, they spent and went home happy with a treasure and left their dollars as direct contribution to two good causes. I am indebted to them for their support. Many gave of their time freely to staff the store; present Board members, some past Bread & Roses Board, members of the two non-profits, members of their staff, and the many volunteers. I could have never pulled off this huge effort without their help. Each year it just gets better. Customers who came had a fun time shopping. Public Service Announcements were made of the event in a few radio stations because of Mary Doan, a fellow past board member of Bread & Roses.

From WPO: Libby, Terry, & Paula (above)
Nancy, Valerie, Beverly & John (below)

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