Artisan Designs & Museum Shop Products for Museum Stores & Boutiques


Museum quality. Culturally relevant. Curator approved.

Interpreting classic artisan designs with a western twist, Sudha has designed museum shop products for permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Seattle Art Museum, and many other prestigious institutions. Merging form and function, each Sudha Pennathur piece is an enduring work of art.

Our museum shop collections are designed to be authentic to the culture and period, and translated through a modern lens that sells. And because they’re crafted by master artisans in your featured exhibit’s country of origin, your museum shop collection maintains an authentic provenance. So if your exhibit is from Bali, that’s where the collection will be made.


We have stocked and managed large-scale museum shops for temporary exhibitions from Tibet, Italy, India, Egypt, and other cultures. Working with your curator or museum shop owner, we’ll design and source a visual feast of products, stocking the entire shop, or just a few counters. Past exhibitions we’ve partnered with include the Wisdom and Compassion of the Sacred Arts of Tibet at the Asian Art Museum and the Tibetan exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.


Our custom-made products look as good on the page as they do in your shop. Sudha Pennathur’s high value, exclusive designs are tailored to your museum’s aesthetic and your current line of exhibits. And we make it easy for you, with on-time delivery and the volumes you need, when you need them.

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