Museum catalogs featured Gemstone jewelry from Designs by Sudha

Precious stones have always fascinated me. IN the old days the costs of these stones were so prohibitive, few could afford them . People wore their wealth in the form of gold or silver and counted their blessings. Now with modern technology combined with less expensive ways of mining for these stones, more people can buy and wear them.

Emerald earrings, from Designs by Sudha was featured in the National Geographic catalog. Set in vermeil, it was attractive and affordable with a rich look! Emerald is symbolic of love and romance and is called the “stone of hope”. Ancients believed it treated eye problems and was a strong healing stone. It is said increase awareness of the beauty around us. It is the most precious of the beryl group.

Garnet brings Inner Strength. It is the “stone of constancy and commitment”; It provides the wearer with a sense of rootedness. In the Victorian era it was the stone of passionate love and fidelity, ruling all emotions and passions of the heart It inspires and promotes self-confidence in new beginnings. This simple yet elegant necklace was carried by The Art Institute of Chicago for many seasons.

Iolite symbolizes Inner Knowledge. It is also called cordierite and “water sapphire”. It is said to aid in resolving conflict; eliminates debt; facilitates responsibility; aids intuition. They say it helps the wearer to remember and to increase dreams; stone of power; enhances leadership, power, inner strength. This was one of my favorite necklaces and was carried by a wonderful catalog of handicrafts called Eziba. I had designed this in both iolite and garnets.

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