Mission Statement

Sudha Pennathur LP helps luxury retailers with high end, branded gifts, jewelry, and home textiles to further differentiate themselves by delivering exclusive and unique product collections of timeless and lasting value, created by artisans from 5 countries using sustainable resources, modern production technologies, and old-world craftsmanship.

Sudha’s company was founded 35 years ago based on the skills of individual artisans, who were master craftsmen.

Customers and Artisans:
Designs are produced in limited quantities showcased and sold in high end stores and museums across the US and the UK. As we responsibly partner with our customers, we also respectfully and conscientiously partner with our artisans. We believe in ethical practices towards both our artisans and staff. The production model is Cottage Industry based, without “factories” All are paid higher than normal piece work rates.

Each item is handcrafted by master craftsmen whose skills have been passed down for decades from father to son and mother to daughter. This has resulted in a dedicated group who depend on us for their wellbeing. We take this job very seriously by helping with their children’s education, giving funds to survive during floods and storms, helping with hospital bills when needed and pay them when there is no work due to COVID. Above all, we treat them with compassion and dignity as our extended family.  

Sustainability and Quality
Quality and uniqueness are the keystones to our success. We strive to assure this in every item produced. Each piece is a work of art and created with pride. Goods are produced with sustainability in mind, whether it be jewelry, scarves or Holiday items. We hold all our suppliers to the same standards that we hold ourselves.

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