Is Labradorite Your Thing?

Are you partial to Labradorite? Maybe you’re not familiar with it? Well, Sundance is running a necklace and earring of mine that can instantly make you a fan. According to the Product Story from the necklace page:

Labradorite occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks and is in the feldspar category. The name is derived from the main source for this gemstone, which is Labrador, Canada. The ground color is dark smoke grey and when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections. These flashes of violet, blue, green or even orange and red are known as labradorescence. Spectrolite is the trade name for a brightly colored variety of labradorite found in Finland.

Often regarded as a transformational stone that heals and balances the aura, labradorite is said to be protective during vulnerable growth stages and intense transitions.

Labradorite is frequently cut into gemstones or used as an ornamental material for carving and engraving.

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