Unique Designs and Ethnic Crafts for Specialty and Department Store

“Sudha is a creative wizard. She is able to take traditional products, give them her special twist, and adapt them appropriately for the world’s biggest market: America.”

-Richard Marcus, Chairman and CEO of Neiman Marcus

You can find Indian designer, Sudha Pennathur’s collections in specialty department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Gumps, and Lord and Taylor. And that’s because her contemporary, classic collections sell. In fact, high-end retailers experienced a sell-through of over 80% on her luxury Christmas collection alone.


These exclusive product lines are created by artisans around the globe, employing sustainable resources, old world craftsmanship, and modern technologies. So we can ship to you on time, and you can trust the quality is consistently high. Our quality control team in Delhi inspects every piece.

The Sudha Pennathur label is recognized by sophisticated customers worldwide. Appealing to women between 40 to 65 years old, and who favor classic styles over the latest trends, our distinctive collections include:

  • Unique jewelry designs: A blend of East and West, these statement pieces are handcrafted for the contemporary woman.
  • Artisan scarves and garments: Our scarves are one of our best-selling lines, enabling women to easily add a splash of color and drama to their wardrobe. They can be paired with nearly anything – from eveningwear to a simple blouse and jeans – so sell-throughs are typically high. Our tunics and other garments are also made with natural textiles for comfort and style.
  • Home accessories and textiles: For the bed or for the table, our textiles and home accessories make unique conversation pieces for the home.
  • Women’s accessories: These colorful totes and bags add interest to everyday activities.
  • Christmas collection: Our highly sought-after Christmas collection brings the rich, opulent look of the maharajas to modern homes. Crafted with rich velvets, semi-precious stones, and real gold, our Christmas tree skirts, ornaments, and décor evoke a holiday atmosphere of palaces and splendor.

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