Diamonds in the Sky Gala

The much awaited benefit “Diamonds in the Sky” soirée took place on October 5th at the elegant home of philanthropist, Elisabeth Thieriot. TV personality, of the Bay Area Back Roads fame, Doug McConnell was on hand to kick off the gala evening. I had acquired and designed the jewelry especially for this evening.  A small group of powerful woman from the Board of the Redwoods organized this event, Barbara Young, Jill Greenman, Joanne Spotswood along with the Executive Director , Barbara Soloman and Jeannie Elrod. Gary Morgret did the flowers and display and Joy Spicer (with Gary’ s help) was the official photographer for the evening. The 11 lovely ladies sold the jewelry with as much passion as I had in creating them, each donned in a silk sari! Craig Potter and Jim Prigoff were the cashiers.

Diamonds and gold jewelry was showcased from my collection in all its splendor. Over 80 guests came to celebrate and indulge knowing that their purchases would help renovate and refurbish the main auditorium at The Redwoods making a major difference in the lives of the community of seniors. The evening was a resounding success and could not have been possible without the support of Elisabeth Thieriot, who mingled with the crowd all evening and put her stamp of approval on the event. I am happy to say that Ed and I were able to not only donate all the profits from the sale, but also made a matching grant.

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