Diamonds in the Sky

“'Diamonds in the Sky", an October 5th fundraiser for The Redwoods, a Community of Seniors, will be dedicated to bringing some much needed sparkle to the main auditorium at this revered retirement home in Mill Valley. The exclusive one-night, invitation-only event is being held at the lavish home of Bay Area philanthropist, Elisabeth Thieriot.

I will be offering my collection of especially designed diamond jewelry for sale at this gala and 100% of the profits will go to The Redwoods and the cost will be given back to the artisans. The funds raised will underwrite important improvements to the auditorium at The Redwoods, the activity center.

I was asked why I chose diamonds for this event.

The properties with which diamonds are associated with are enhancing relationships,(God knows we all need that), and increasing inner strength (who doesn’t in these days of constant turmoil in the world?).

Diamond is said to create balance, clarity and abundance on the wearer. All good things and much needed.

Although diamonds were first discovered and mined in ancient India, at least as far back as 5,000 years ago, today they are no longer the exclusive domain of royalty and the wealthy. By using silver where there was platinum and 14 karat or 18 carat where there was 22 K, I have made these precious gems more affordable, but keeping the look of the more expensive pieces. Many pieces take their inspiration from Victorian designs and the Royal jewel of India. But many are also designed by me for the contemporary woman who is looking for something to wear both during the day and in the evening.

Just like diamond set in a circular setting symbolizes eternity, we want this sale to have a long lasting effect on the health of the seniors at The Redwoods. I was happy to not only provide the jewelry for sale here but have also promised a matching donation of the profits from the sale. A guilt free shopping spree is hoped for on October 5th.

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