Decorative Arts in Kashmir Papier Mache

Decorative papier mache items have long been treasures of India. This ancient art form dates back to Persian times and has been passed down through the courts to the artisans homes in the picturesque Kashmir valley. The intricate paintings on boxes featured the beautiful Mughal gardens of Shalimar, Nishat and Chashmashahi. Gorgeous, colorful flowers

and leaves from these gardens have been my inspiration for the boxes, photo frames, bangles, ornaments that master craftsmen create for the museums around the country.

The 12 step craft process begins with sculpting, forming and finishing crushed paper, hand painting each piece and then layering it with multiple coats of varnish. More durable than wood, papier mache resists warping and cracking. Each piece is painstakingly created and is a stunning original. A treasured keepsake and a work of art!

Products from Designs by Sudha

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