Pennathur School

1 pennathurMembers of our family have started a project to erect a school building in the village of Pennathur (known as Kilpennathur) in South India. Presently the classes are being held under trees in mostly blazing hot weather.

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Many children bicycle 10 to 20 miles to get to school! The government provides the students with uniforms and a midday meal.  We were told that roughly a third of graduates go to college and a third get jobs.


My cousin Ramesh Sekar has been spearheading this effort with help from my sister Usha Krish.  I am glad we were able to raise money to make this important work possible!

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The building started early this year


I was heartened to note that the roof went up this week!  Hooray…


We hope to open this facility by the end of 2016.

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