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Art to Heart: Bread & Roses’ 2013 Spring Benefit – Bread And Roses

Art to Heart: Bread & Roses’ 2013 Spring Benefit
Posted by: mhubler on May 29, 2013
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Bread & Roses held its “Art to Heart” fundraising event/concert on April 23. Thanks to everybody who helped make it a big success! Our wonderful emcee Michael Pritchard reminded the attendees about why it is important to support Bread & Roses’ mission and about how live music makes a huge impact on those who are isolated.
Cassandra Flipper awarded Sudha Pennathur the first “Labor of Love” award, in recognition of twelve years of extraordinary generosity and devotion to Bread & Roses’ mission. Renowned designer, successful businesswoman, tireless community contributor, gifted amateur photographer, and former Board Chair, Sudha started volunteering her services in 2001, spent six years on the Board of Directors, and has put on an annual benefit, “The Sudha Sale”, with proceeds donated to Bread & Roses, since 2003….

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Cindy Wilson of WilsonWest talks Strategic Social Responsibility

Strategic Social Responsibility in the Spotlight: Sudha Pennathur

Here at Wilsonwest, we like to emphasize to each of our corporate event management clients the importance of strategic social responsibility. What does this mean? Different companies may have their own definitions, but I like to encapsulate this concept as “doing the right thing in ways that will also benefit your company.”

Mind you, I’m not talking about some sort of philanthropy-with-strings-attached. I’m talking about looking for opportunities to do good within the scope of your ordinary business activities (as opposed to simply writing a huge check every year around tax time).

Over the months to come, I plan to highlight people and companies that personify strategic social responsibility. The first such person who comes to mind is my dear friend Sudha Pennathur.

– See more at: http://www.wilsonwest.com/strategic-social-responsibility-in-the-spotlight-sudha-pennathur/#sthash.CVUFT2oi.dpuf

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