Smithsonian Spring 2012

Please see our new Kashmiri Mineral Box at Smithsonian and also in the Spring 2012 catalog.

Description from Smithsonian:

This tiny treasures Kashmiri Mineral Box showcases the centuries-old craft of Kashmiri wirework. Adorned with floral granulations, the gemstone inlays showcase carnelian and aventurine.  1″h. x 4.2″l. x 3.25″d.

Museum Provenance

Imagine yourself a traveler in Africa or Asia. Awed by the sights, you wander through the local shops, searching for something special to bring home to represent the cultures you’ve seen. Shop our mini world market and delight in these artisan offerings from Africa and India. Each of these lovely treasures is representative of holdings in our National Museums of African Art and Natural History.

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