December 2011

Postcard from Paris:

We were in Paris for the weekend. Christmas was in the air. The venerable department stores , Galleries Lafayette, Au Printems and Bon Marche were lit up in all their splendor! Surprisingly the “Holiday shop” was a fraction of the size of the American stores. Not too much variety in products and mostly glass ornaments some from Europe and mostly from  China! A real surprise.

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November was a month filled with store presence. I did two personal appearances- one at

Bergdorf Goodman followed by Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. Usha Kris was on hand to photograph the events. It was wonderful to hear comments about the line. A lot of signing of special pieces that customers bought at both the stores. Neiman Marcus on Union Square in San Francisco looked spectacular with its radiant colors in their trees where I had done the skirts and ornaments.

 December 2nd saw the opening of the annual “Sudha’s Treasures” a store space donated by the Town Center in Corte Madera. Thestore was a benefit for The Redwoods, a community of seniors. We raised more money over one weekend than we had done over 2 last year! A record contribution!


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Sudha’s Treasures Last Day to Shop!

Sudha’s Treasures benefit store for The Redwoods is on its third day! The event has been a phenomenal success. The store was graced by Doug McConnell who did the opening ceremony. Gary Morgret and Dan Scannell, always on hand, made the store look spectacular with their displays. From the Board of Directors of the Redwoods Barbara Solomon, Jill Greenman, Joanne Spotswood worked hard to help set up the store. The House of Pennathur team Craig Potter (G.M. -as cashier), Jim Prigoff (Board Chair, as cashier), Usha Kris (Photographer), Ed Messerly (computer support) and Cesar worked untiringly to get the store’s products and systems up and running. The team work from the staff at the Redwoods and Board and other volunteers. was something to be proud of !

All this would not have been possible without the support of Stan

Hoffman of the Town Center in Corte Madera who generously donated the space for this non-profit event. With one day to go , we are all hopeful we will double our sales goal with my donation to the Redwoods. Please join us today.

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