July 2011

Is Labradorite Your Thing?

Are you partial to Labradorite? Maybe you’re not familiar with it? Well, Sundance is running a necklace and earring of mine that can instantly make you a fan. According to the Product Story from the necklace page:

Labradorite occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks and is in the feldspar category. The name is derived from the main source for this gemstone, which is Labrador, Canada. The ground color is dark smoke grey and when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections. These flashes of violet, blue, green or even orange and red are known as labradorescence. Spectrolite is the trade name for a brightly colored variety of labradorite found in Finland.

Often regarded as a transformational stone that heals and balances the aura, labradorite is said to be protective during vulnerable growth stages and intense transitions.

Labradorite is frequently cut into gemstones or used as an ornamental material for carving and engraving.

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Museum catalogs featured Gemstone jewelry from Designs by Sudha

Precious stones have always fascinated me. IN the old days the costs of these stones were so prohibitive, few could afford them . People wore their wealth in the form of gold or silver and counted their blessings. Now with modern technology combined with less expensive ways of mining for these stones, more people can buy and wear them.

Emerald earrings, from Designs by Sudha was featured in the National Geographic catalog. Set in vermeil, it was attractive and affordable with a rich look! Emerald is symbolic of love and romance and is called the “stone of hope”. Ancients believed it treated eye problems and was a strong healing stone. It is said increase awareness of the beauty around us. It is the most precious of the beryl group.

Garnet brings Inner Strength. It is the “stone of constancy and commitment”; It provides the wearer with a sense of rootedness. In the Victorian era it was the stone of passionate love and fidelity, ruling all emotions and passions of the heart It inspires and promotes self-confidence in new beginnings. This simple yet elegant necklace was carried by The Art Institute of Chicago for many seasons.

Iolite symbolizes Inner Knowledge. It is also called cordierite and “water sapphire”. It is said to aid in resolving conflict; eliminates debt; facilitates responsibility; aids intuition. They say it helps the wearer to remember and to increase dreams; stone of power; enhances leadership, power, inner strength. This was one of my favorite necklaces and was carried by a wonderful catalog of handicrafts called Eziba. I had designed this in both iolite and garnets.

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Jewelry from Designs by Sudha for Compassion, protection and optimism!

Gemstones used in earrings this month have more than summer charm, they also symbolize the values I hold.

Chalcedony with its turquoise blue opaque color stands for Compassion. It is also said to banish fear and sadness. This earring was presented by House of Pennathur for Sundance Catalog this year and has been depicted beautifully by them. “In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.” – Buddha

Citrine is embodies Radiance. It is said to attract wealth, blend energies for strength and protection, enhance memory, stimulates one’s mental capacities and strengthen ones self-confidence! It also happens to be the birthstone for November. These earrings are faceted citrine enhanced with delicate small pearls and finished with 14K gold filled posts.

Birthstone for April, the mighty diamond stands for purity. It is said to encourage honesty with self and with others and is said to promote bravery . This year I have worked with new designs in jewelry where to astronomical price of gold, I have used diamonds in silver setting with 14K gold as lining and bezel. This new way to treating gem stones and precious metals has made the baubles a lot more affordable and at the same time giving it a fresh new look!

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Decorative Arts in Kashmir Papier Mache

Decorative papier mache items have long been treasures of India. This ancient art form dates back to Persian times and has been passed down through the courts to the artisans homes in the picturesque Kashmir valley. The intricate paintings on boxes featured the beautiful Mughal gardens of Shalimar, Nishat and Chashmashahi. Gorgeous, colorful flowers

and leaves from these gardens have been my inspiration for the boxes, photo frames, bangles, ornaments that master craftsmen create for the museums around the country.

The 12 step craft process begins with sculpting, forming and finishing crushed paper, hand painting each piece and then layering it with multiple coats of varnish. More durable than wood, papier mache resists warping and cracking. Each piece is painstakingly created and is a stunning original. A treasured keepsake and a work of art!

Products from Designs by Sudha

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