2010 year in review…

One of my signatures for my collections is that most of the collections are hand created with care by masters or artisans known in their field for excellence. Each consumer gets something that is special and unique even when produced in quantity!

What I have learned over the years is that in design, rules should be broken. Colors can be matched in new ways, what was considered crinkled and non-ironed is an advantage the next year as crinkled and easy for travel, (see the skirts i have done in the National Geographic catalog), “stretch” fabric which is redundant for the young, all of a sudden is in vogue for the mature woman. Likewise with increased demand for certain types of goods, individually hand crafted items become a social statement and a way to be unique (like the lac mirrors and votive in my featured items in national catalogs). Trendy items of the last decade become the classics of this one – colored pearls, silk printed scarves, so reminiscent of the staid customer is back in vogue again. Flats are in (could it be because the doctors’ bills for back problems are up J?) as are skinny jeans and leggings , a version of the “chudidar pajama” from India, both of which have become a staple in wardrobes.

Trend setters in the fashion world comment:

“Generations merge and age is no longer important” says Trend Union’s Li Edelkoort

Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption” is all about sharing. Among things she says personal stories, and reputation capital – as in your on line image – being as important as your credit history.

I interpret this to mean that collaboration is meaningful not only in consumption but extends to the people who work for you and manage the business as though it was their’ s, the suppliers who are your backbone, the customer who is your reason for being and for the charities you honor.

Gas and gold prices continue to rise. Although sales were better this holiday, stores have a higher number to hit against comps for 2011. Does this mean a better economy or a faster filling of the pipelines? Let’s hope it is the former.

Happy New Year!


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