December 2010

This week was yet another high. Neiman Marcus Direct featured a special on all my items in the front page – celebrating Hanukah and Christmas during the holidays!


I am back from New York on a real high after doing two of the most successful personal appearances in years! One at Bergdorf Goodman and the other at Saks Fifth Avenue. Mothers with kids came in to pick their annual ornament and most of them bought the wild animals – giraffes, lions, elephants. International visitors gravitated towards the New York city landmark ornaments, which were exquisitely embroidered and beaded. The “Sudha” collectors, who come year after year and buy the latest skirt or stocking, came back in force this year.

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It was still 28 days to Christmas and whereas Bergdorf still looked inviting, Saks was pretty well sold out of many of the categories. We were pulling items off the trees to complete sales. Excited and inspired I am ready to go to India this week to put the finishing touches on the 2011 Christmas collection for Bergdorf’s , Neiman Marcus, Saks and others.

Happy Holidays!

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