We had a spectacularly successful opening on Friday night with donors & volunteers contributing to the pre-opening event. The Benefit Store came alive with Gary’s magic touch. Jewelry was the center of attraction with large one-of-a-kind necklaces flying out of the door throughout the weekend. Wool and silk scarves were almost sold out, which is enabling me to bring in a fresh collection of jewelry & scarves for the coming weekend (Nov 14th and 15th).

Based on the overwhelming demand, we have added 4 bonus hours, 12 to 4 PM this Friday, November 13th!

Bring your friends and family and be part of this exciting event! Only 2 and a half days left!

Also, I want to take this time to thank all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication last week and through the weekend. The sale wouldn’t have been possible without you!

-photos by Peter Merts

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