Artisan Designs for the Modern Woman

Since 1985, Sudha Pennathur has been designing and manufacturing high-end branded gifts, jewelry, scarves, and home textiles that convey a sense of story and luxury. Unique collections for the modern woman. These elegant, East-meets-West designs are interpreted through a contemporary, ethnocentric lens. Sudha’s collections appeal to women of all ages, who are fashion conscious but also love classic style.


Sudha’s personal designs, created by master craftsmen, are sold in specialty department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, in boutiques, in high-end catalogs, and in museum shops, including The Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian. Best sellers include: – Hand-printed and hand-screened artisan silk scarves – Unique statement jewelry – Luxury Christmas collection – Handbags and scarves – Decorative home accessories


The silver smiths of India and Bali. The master embroiderers of Agra. The textile and weavers and garment manufacturers of India. The silk weavers of Thailand. Our exclusive collections are crafted by award-winning artisans from around the world, using sustainable resources, modern production technologies, and old world craftsmanship. And each piece is inspected by our quality control teams in Delhi and California. We use natural fibers, and eco-friendly materials in all our fabrics and dyes, appealing to the woman who desires fabrics that whisper across the skin. Our jewelry is designed by Sudha, and crafted from locally sourced materials.

“In addition to working directly with each customer on design and concept, she [Sudha] goes to India four times each year to be sure there is total product follow through. Working with the master crafts people, often found in remote villages and locations, she is able to supply product of remarkable quality and craftsmanship. Perhaps, best of all, in a pipeline filled with endless delivery problems and monotonous designs, she has a remarkable record of on time delivery with unique product offering. Her staff in Delhi is on top of each order on a daily basis.

I highly recommend Sudha’s House of Pennathur as a profitable and reliable company to do business with.”

– Jim Prigoff, Past President of the Womenswear Division at Levi Strauss & Co.