All profits will be donated in order to

We find ourselves in a trying time in the life of our country and in our own lives. It’s an emotional and intellectual challenge to decide how to conduct our personal and professional lives  and to help steer our country in the direction of equality, fairness and justice, as well as what’s best for our planet.
 In the spirit of doing the best we can, we are donating 100% of the profits from the sale on the website, through the end of October 2020.  The money raised from the sale of these precious, handmade items will go to 3 nonprofits including ” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee” that support our cause. If you wish to just donate beyond the amount of your purchase, we invite you to let us know which democratic organization you would like the money to go to. Thank you for your concern and your generosity.

Sudha Pennathur
House of Pennathur

Sudha and I have been colleagues and friends for many years and we’ve worked together in business and in the community. We’ve seen our country face and overcome many challenges.

Donald Trump as president is a clear and present danger to our health and security of our entire nation. Given this assessment, I join Sudha in supporting the Biden/ Harris ticket. The future of our economy, our democracy and our way of life are in our hands. Please join us and give generously.

Cassandra Flipper
Retired Lawyer & former Board

Member Equal Rights Advocates
and Marin Community Foundation

As women business leaders, it is key that we have policies that represent our values and our voices by advocating for justice, equality, and communities in which we collectively prosper as a society and an economy.  Our current judicial, executive and congressional direction could quickly reverse the course of decades of modest, but measurable wins. I have known Sudha for 20 years and in that time have witnessed her generosity and the countless artisans and organizations that benefit from the success of her business. The social and economic conditions which nurtured her success are now in jeopardy.
At this moment, with any of these beautiful items that you purchase on her Website, Sudha will contribute her profits in support of electing a Democratic President/ Vice President, Senators and Representatives who are more deeply aligned with creating and preserving policies that benefit us as business women, mothers and leaders in our communities.

Juli Betwee
Managing Partner
Pivot Point Consulting

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