Meenakari Kundan Necklace w/Rubies


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Adjustable choker to fit any size neck.

Maharani Meenakari kundan necklace beautiful large and small rubies all around.

“Meenakari” is a form of enameling.  This technique is similar to the CHAMPLEVE  enameling, in which wax is used as a base, then covered with silver and finally with a thin sheet of 22 karat gold sheet.  The metal is engraved or chased with the floral design in  such a way as to provide depressions within which color can be embedded.  The enamel colors which are from crushed minerals and gem stones are filled in painstakingly, as in a miniature painting. colors are applied in order of their hardness, those requiring more heat first and those needing less, later. The jewelry piece is heated one last time after cleaning to bring out the brilliancy of the colors.

The beauty of the meenakari lies in the metallic luminosity produced by the fused minerals and semi precious stones

Hand crafted in 22K gold vermeil.  Gold vermeil, or just vermeil, refers to items made of silver that are plated with a thin layer of gold

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. The word kundan means highly refined gold, and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used.