Hand Painted Kashmir Pumpkin Box


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5.5″ hand painted papier mache box. hand molded in the shape of a pumpkin, these type of boxes were used as powder boxes in the days gone by.

the pumpkin shaped box is done by craftsmen of Kashmir.   They painstakingly hand paint each piece with a fine brush dipped in silver paint. The papier mache is individually molded and cut in half, with the inside scooped out to make a box. The mold is then broken and the object cut into 2 to make a box.

The base is painted in white, then a fine brush is used to paint the gold and other colors.

The intricate design is inspired from the flora and fauna of nature as well as taken from an antique lace and embroidery patterns. Such patterns are  typical of the Kashmir region. It is also called a”jali” which is a type of lattice carved in marble or stone in famous old monuments such as the red Fort and the Taj Mahal.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4.5 in