3-Strand Vermeil Necklace with Pearls


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3 strands of pearls and vermeil beads with a Lakshmi pendent set in kundan . The tassels are set in a “jhimki dome” style with strands of Basara pearls .

Lakshmi  is the goddess of wealth, fortune, love, beauty,  joy and prosperity.She is sitting on “kamala” the lotus. She typically sits or  stands  on a lotus pedestal, while holding a lotus in her hand, symbolizing fortune, self-knowledge, and spiritual liberation Her iconography shows her with four hands, which represent the four aspects of human life important to Hindu culture: dharmak?maartha, and moksha.

Hand crafted in 22K gold vermeil. 

Basra pearls originating from the Persian / Arabian Gulf have a legendary reputation in the world of gems and pearls. Famously known as the Basra pearls, these have enthralled many a pearl aficionados.

Gold vermeil, or just vermeil, refers to items made of silver that are plated with a thin layer of gold

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. The word kundan means highly refined gold, and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used.