We will donate 100% of your purchases to sustain our artisans and uphold their dignity in India.

A Message from Sudha:

I offer this message of gratitude to all our supporters who have helped uplift the lives of our artisans through their purchases last month.

The items on this website that were at famous stores and catalogs, are now priced at wholesale or lower! This means you are getting it off 50 to 80% off retail.

So please shop with confidence knowing that 100% of your purchases will go to aid our artisans for food and shelter. Help them survive this pandemic and sustain the arts.

Here’s how far your dollars go in India:
On $150 a family can get 30 days of sustenance.
This amount will buy 10 kg of rice, 7 kg of wheat flour, 5 kg of lentils, 20 liters of milk, and a few vegetables, oil, tea and sugar.
EVERY order means so much now, as our artisan partners do not have any backup government support.
We are truly grateful for your help!

Latest Products:

Handy Definitions

Vermeil – 14 karat gold plating over sterling silver. Very durable, won’t crack or peel, advantageous to those with metal allergies.

Sterling Silver – 92.5% pure silver, per industry standards

Meenakari – read this article by Sudha here

Embroidery – All embroidery is done by hand by master artisans

Shakeel’s Story

Shakeel’s family comes from a long line of Master craftsmen and National Awardees.

We started our business with his father Noor, with products for Neiman Marcus and Saks over 30 years ago. When Noor passed away his son Shakeel took over the studio as a master craftsmen doing zardozzi, which is the art of gold hand embroidery on silk and velvet. He has several artisans who work in his studio.  Since March 15 with the onslaught of COVID-19, he and his artisans are on a lock down.  Without shelter and food, some of his artisans decided to walk back 40 miles to their village! Without any food on the way and with wife and baby in tow the artisan collapsed and was in need of medical help.

There are other similar stories all around our artisan community.